Bye-bye America Land of the Free

The constitutional republic is lost.
The United States of America is no longer under the rule of law.
The nation is now under the boot of a tyranny.

Is there an asylum to flee to anywhere on earth?

Elected rulers around the globe are turning themselves into dictators who increasingly repress their citizens.
Three-quarters of nations — representing almost 85% of the world’s population — experienced declines in rule of law, the World Justice Project found.
America ranks #24 on the international corruption index — even worse than France.
America is no role model: It ranks a pathetic #42 in Reporters Without Borders’ World Press Freedom Index, worse than Moldova and Guyana.
Biden-style democracy requires endless dictates and meddling in Americans’ lives.
The State Department wants Americans to make short videos with the hashtag #SummitForDemocracy whooping up “What has democracy made possible in your own life?” Such as falling living standards, soaring inflation, sporadic financial panic and a befuddled commander-in-chief who doesn’t know if he is in Canada or China?


“He’ll rescue world democracy” - what a sick, insulting joke. He’s presiding over the destruction of democracy, and he knows it.
That’s been the plan all along, and they reached that goal the day they stole the election and he was illegitimately installed in the White House.
Now, with the arrest of Trump, they’re openly flaunting it.


We’re witnessing the death of the rule of law in America. We are closer to a totalitarian state than a democratic republic. Mark Levin weighed in on the news of Trump’s indictment on Hannity last night. He said: “This is a full-on assault on the Republican party, against Trump. It will be against other Republicans if they get away with this. The precedent has now been set. They have crossed the Rubicon into tyranny! “America, you are looking tyranny in the face right now.”
Sadly, it’s true.


“America” should be embarrassed.

Remember when John Kerry told the WEF that things were “moving much quicker than expected?” Well…here we are.


Embarrassed? Is that the natural reaction to loss of liberty?

Why not cold, well-planned, relentless revenge?

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No, the embarrassment is for our President representing America and spouting foolish lies. And, it is the idea of America, which is why I put the word in quotations.