Bill Gates Funding For The Media

Edit: NB the links go directly to the Gates Foundation website so it’s not important to mention the fact that its Max Blumenthal’s website (apparently his journalistic integrity has been criticized by some).

Article from Max Blumenthal’s website:

“Documents show Bill Gates has given $319 million to media outlets to promote his global agenda”

Millions to each of the following (just naming the UK ones) - the BBC, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times. Also millions to various journalistic organizations including the International Center for Journalists and The Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting.


Chauncey - did you actually read this article? All of it? It contains these sentiments:

Quote: “To this day, fewer than 5% of people in low-income countries have received even one dose of COVID vaccine. The death toll from this is immense.”

Comment: Nonsense. We know the vaccines do not prevent Covid infection. And Africa, for instance, where there has been comparatively little vaccinating has been comparatively little infected.

Quote: “[Gates] is perhaps the key driver behind the American charter school movement — an attempt to essentially privatize the U.S. education system. Charter schools are deeply unpopular with teachers’ unions, which see the movement as an attempt to lessen their autonomy and reduce public oversight into how and what children are taught.”

Comment: The charter school movement is excellent. If Gates is helping to preserve it, good for Gates! It is the teachers’ unions that I abominate. They insisted on closing the schools in fear of Covid, still insist on masking even very small children, very dangerously for them. Of course the appalling teacher’s unions - full of bad teachers who cannot be fired - oppose the charter schools. The existence of them limits their powers. It is "public oversight " - ie. government oversight - of what is taught that has turned education into indoctrination. Leftist, “woke” indoctrination - the exposing of children to CRT, pornography, heavy persuasion to “transgender”. Children are emerging from the public schools obsessed with sex, hating “whiteness” and either guilt-ridden if white or sorry for themselves as “victims” if black - and totally illiterate. “Public oversight” is a typically leftist euphemism for disallowing parents to have a say in what their children may and may not be subjected to at school.

Quote: “Philanthropy can and is being used deliberately to divert attention away from different forms of economic exploitation that underpin global inequality today,” said Linsey McGoey, Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex, U.K., and author of No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy. She adds: “The new ‘philanthrocapitalism’ threatens democracy by increasing the power of the corporate sector at the expense of the public sector organizations, which increasingly face budget squeezes, in part by excessively remunerating for-profit organizations to deliver public services that could be delivered more cheaply without private sector involvement. Charity, as former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee noted, “is a cold grey loveless thing. If a rich man wants to help the poor, he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim".

Comment: That is a shout for socialism from a leftist fanatic!

What I don’t like about Gates is is his participation in Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset movement. To criticize him for that is a conservative’s business. The Grayzone is criticizing him from the left.


No I didn’t get that far, I was only really interested in the funding for the media, of course I don’t agree about the deaths in Africa and so forth. He is in general at least drawing attention to the massive conflicts of interest and corruption of the media, which is something coming from a leftist.


Very interesting! We knew Pfizer was funding the media - their ads are all over it - but it comes as no surprise that Gates is, also. “Follow the money”…
The fact that the article criticizing him is socialist leaning just highlights the fact that it must be pretty bad, if even they join the criticism!
The only mystery is why he’s in favor of charter schools. My guess is that he wants to fund charter schools that will be complete indoctrination centers - with his own curriculum!
He is obviously pathologically obsessed with control - a pathetic but dangerous nerd.