Biden's War on Israel

Senator Ted Cruz speaks:

Unequivocally, for the last two and a half years, the Biden administration has engaged a systematic granular day to day effort to undermine the nation of Israel. They view Israel as illegitimately occupied territory. The harm that is coming from the Biden administration is horrific.

Senator Cruz speaks with fury about the invasion of Israel by Hamas and the atrocities committed by Hamas. And he blames the Biden administration.

When you are watching Israelis murdered, when you’re watching infants murdered when you are watching women and girls raped, when you’re watching hundreds of Israelis taken hostage, know that Joe Biden and this White House funded it. They funded it for idiotic political reasons. And now they’re desperately trying to backtrack, saying, ‘No, no, no, we didn’t pay for these atrocities.’ They absolutely did."

The Senator spoke of the tens of billions that Obama and Biden gave to Iran, the biggest funder of terrorism in the world.

And how Biden funded Hamas directly:

"As soon as the Biden administration came into office, they immediately began flooding money into the Gaza Strip. At the time, the Biden administration knew for a fact that it would fund terrorism and in fact, one internal document, a Biden official wrote that there was a high risk that Hamas would potentially derive benefit from the money that they were sending, but they wanted to do it anyway. And so what did they do? They actually exempted themselves from American laws against funding terrorism. The Biden administration actually waived U.S. laws that ban funding terrorists because they are so opposed to Israel.

"Those rockets that are flying into Israel, you can thank Joe Biden for them."

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Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has been working with Hamas since August in planning these attacks.
The pattern of actions is clear: the Iranian regime, now funded by the Biden administration – who carefully looked the other way while Iran acquired $60 billion by evading US sanctions, then threw in an additional fungible $6 billion on top of that – has been, and continues to be, a state actor sponsoring terrorists, terrorist organizations and terrorist attacks.


All monies to the West Bank and Gaza should be immediately cut off.

Sanctions and embargos should be placed on all Iranian exports. The alternative would be to keep subsidizing those who provide the wherewithal for murderers, rapists and precivilizational mutilators.

Expect some terrorists to attempt to join the swarm at our open border. And soon “refugees” from Gaza and the West Bank will be likely demanding asylum here in the Great Satan. In reaction, we should not only bar all travel from Palestinian territories into the US, as well as from Iran and Qatar, but yank all visas of any of those nationals who currently reside in the U.S. and send them home to enjoy the advantages now offered on nightly video displays in their own native countries.

The national security team of this administration—gifts from the failed Obama administration that is responsible for much of the current Middle East mess— remains confused and inept. And that’s a charitable assessment. It of course starts at the top. Joe Biden is neither physically nor cognitively up to the task of Commander in Chief in a crisis. He has more or less disappeared other than offering an occasionally brief appearance where he mumbles about standing with Israel and then vanishes again. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken recently deleted a tweet calling for an immediate cease-fire–music to the ears of Hamas and Iran. Why? Does he believe it is moral to allow Hamas to murder 900 Jews, beat their chests about such savagery, and then head home with human trophies to be tortured and executed without a response?

The number of Israelis killed by Hamas is now over 1,000.


The $6 billion you’ve seen in every (other) headline is only the money being transferred from our friends in Qatar. But this is separate from the $10 billion of assets being transferred from Iraq, which Goldberg says will continue on “a rolling basis.” Then there are the reports that Iran will be allowed to access $7 billion in fiat currency by trading drawing rights with the International Monetary Fund. He also says Japan is scheduled to transfer $3 billion to Iran.
“Money is fungible,” and even the funds that have not yet been unfrozen are likely being treated as good credit in Iran’s ledger.
The revelations do not end there. U.S. officials have also quietly acknowledged that they’ve uncapped Iranian oil exports to China. These export levels, previously held around 775,000 barrels per day under Trump’s sanctions, are now estimated to be between 1.4 and 2.2 million barrels per day. Modest estimates value this relief at $25 billion annually.
The total? $50 billion.
It’s giving a thug a loaded machine gun and expecting him not to shoot the bullets.

We’re stopping oil production in America while allowing Iran to export more. The administration has given the green light to increase oil production in the country that is the greatest existential threat to the free world.
Biden has drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) to multi-decade lows. Oil is already too expensive, and we are drained of our most important backup resource.


The US government has given millions of taxpayers’ dollars to “charities” that are fronts for Hamas:

Posts on the Fares Al Arab Foundation’s Facebook page reveal that the organization works extremely closely with the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs and the State Department, with dozens of posts by the Gazan charity showing events ostensibly organized in collaboration with the U.S. government.

Data at shows that the State Department has handed the Foundation almost $100,000 in the past six years.

The Foundation also works closely with Islamist charities in the West, such as Islamic Relief, to which European and American governments have handed millions of dollars over the past decade.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is a particularly generous financier of Hamas proxies in the Gaza Strip. In August 2022, USAID announced funding for the “Unlimited Friends Association [UFA] educational and community center in Gaza.”


All of this adds up to the undeniable fact that our country is now run by traitors who are using our money to fund our enemies, including terrorists, while at the same time undermining our own defenses.
Its just a matter of time until the terrorists who have undoubtedly entered the country through our open border will execute another 9/11.