Biden Does as China Wills

Why, then, is President Joe Biden depleting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve just when the US should be enlarging it? Why does the Biden administration seem as if it is trying to weaken America just at a time when China is becoming increasingly more aggressive?

Because Biden is China’s creature. And he wants to weaken America.
What other possible answers could there be?


Yes, the only logical conclusion is that Biden wants to weaken the U.S., and strengthen our enemies. When you consider that:

  1. We know he (or his handlers) are all in on the globalist “Great Reset” agenda, which is to collapse nations and replace them with global feudalism.
  2. Even he, or they, can’t possibly be stupid enough to be furthuring this goal unkowingly.
  3. You could hardly come up with a better plan to accomplish this than what he’s doing.