Because These People Are Not Human

Rape during the Rwanda genocide? Outrageous. Rape during the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia? Abhorrent. Rape by Hamas terrorists? Not worthy of comment.

That’s the troubling position taken by Samantha Power, a senior official in the Obama and Biden administrations who has built her career on her concern for victims of genocide, sexual atrocities, and other human rights abuses.

Power’s X (Twitter) feed since the October 7 Hamas invasion of Israel has included dozens of posts about the suffering of Arab civilians in Gaza. [But] she has never tweeted about the numerous Israeli Jewish women who were raped by Hamas terrorists.

She is typical of the painfully slow, in some cases non-existent, response of the human rights community on this issue. To this day, Amnesty still has not issued any statement about the Hamas rapes.

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The hypocrisy of all these leftists is completely predictable. It proves that their “concern” for human rights abuses has never been genuine, it’s merely a cover for their real agenda, which is to bash those they wish to villainize - evil Western capitalists.
According to them, blacks can’t be racist, but all whites inherently are. In the same way, the “poor, oppressed” Muslims can’t be blamed for rape and genocide, but the “colonialist, capitalist” Jews are inherently guilty of it, even though they bend over backwards to avoid harming civilians in the process of defending themselves from terrorists.

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