Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

We are no longer protected by the law.

When citizens who have done no wrong and are charged with no crime can be imprisoned and tortured for any length of time at the whim of this illegitimate anti-Constitution government while others can burn, loot and kill with impunity under the government’s protection; when the police stand by watching arson, theft and murder being committed without attempting to stop it; when anarchic voices demand the abolition of police forces by “defunding” them and are obeyed by elected authorities; when some who lie to Congress suffer no consequence while others falsely accused of doing so are sent to prison; when illegal aliens are paid to enter the country and stay in it while American citizens are deliberately impoverished; when elections can be won by obvious cheating; when prosecutors bribed by treasonous billionaires refuse to indict criminals and let murderers and rapists go free; when felons and vagabonds and drug addicts are allowed by local tyrannical authorities to help themselves from the shelves of stores without paying for what they take; when all the major institutions of the country established to keep law and order break the law in order to persecute the political enemies of the increasingly tyrannical central government, WE ARE NO LONGER PROTECTED BY THE LAW.


or … be brave, be very brave!


That’s an excellent summation of our present state. If we aren’t protected by law, and the Constitution is ignored, then there is nothing standing in the way of tyranny.
Every day brings more proof of this illegitimate regime’s dictatorial nature and intentions, and vindicates the alarm raised long ago that a coup was unfolding before our eyes.


We may be brave, many are, but the bravery of individuals will not save them or anyone from oppression.