Babies to Order

Your comment?


OMG, I first read that as “artificial worms.” But, I am reading Wyrms by Orson Scott Card…

I may be ill… Yet, this would suit Doug’s prayer perfectly.

I bet they will tell us that something like this was developed for those unfortunate women who cannot conceive or carry a babe to term, but we know slippery slopes when we see one, right?

What we need are fewer soy boys, that turn into soy men-boys with almost no testosterone. And more women that feel rearing children is more important than a lab coat or computer.


Well, this now takes first place as the most depressing, tragic, and terrifying thing I’ve seen yet.
They’re already weaponizing children against their parents - now they won’t even have parents, they’ll be wards of the state, brainwashed from birth.
As Jeanne says, a slippery slope.