An FBI Agent Who Worked for Russia

Even though it doesn’t fit the constitution’s narrow definition of the word, treason it is:

“The indictment of a top FBI Russia hand for working hand-in-glove with the very Russians he was supposed to be monitoring may be the most shocking of the many astonishing embarrassments to befall the FBI since it put presidential candidate – and then president – Donald Trump in its crosshairs. So far, the FBI has exhibited little sense of shame over its many missteps and sketchy actions characterizing its Trump-Russia investigation.”

Charles McGonigal did exactly what the FBI hierarchy twisted itself into knots trying to pin on Donald Trump.

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Yes, isn’t that just Standard Operating Procedure for the left? Everything they accuse us of is exactly what they’ve been doing all along.
It’s great that this guy’s been caught, but I’m guessing he’s the “fall guy” - he’s the bone they’re throwing us so they can say they took care of the problem. But the entire institution is rotten.

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