America's Military Strength Declines As Its Virtue Shines Ever Brighter

The US depends on China for the minerals it needs for the weapons it needs for defense against China.

Edited Quote:
While China has been relentlessly pursuing self-reliance when it comes to the strategic raw materials – such as titanium, tungsten and cobalt – which are used in the defense industry, the US has been selling off huge chunks of its strategic minerals stockpile to the extent that the National Defense Stockpile is reportedly reaching insolvency. If China were to stop exporting them to the US, the country would fast run out of what it needs to produce its military hardware. US dependency on China also for rare earths arises from the fact that extracting rare earth minerals is an extremely polluting process that China has been willing to undertake, while the US prefers to adhere to extremely strict environmental regulations.

B-b-but the US Army is Diverse and Vaccinated.

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Yes, such a great strategy for national defense - become dependent on your enemy for the very means to defend yourself from them.
At the same time, weaken your troops mentally with self- hating indoctrination, and physically with debilitating/lethal injections provided by your enemy.
If one didn’t “know better”, one might question the motives of our nation’s leaders. The fact that they are a bunch of corrupt, incompetent, radical leftist useful idiots on the take from the CCP couldn’t have a thing to do with it, right?

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