America Rapidly Becoming a One-Party Police State

Several hundred pro-Palestinians [ie. pro-Hamas, pro-atrocity, pro-torture, pro-massacre - ed] demonstrators are illegally occupying the Cannon House Office Building adjacent to the U.S. Capitol. Policemen have been assaulted by the demonstrators, who refuse to leave. Congress hearings have been disrupted but you can be sure that none of these people will be dealt with anything like the ferocity with which the January 6 protesters were treated, even though the offenses in virtually every instance were the same; trespass, parading and disrupting a government proceeding.
Our republic has as its foundation equal justice under the law. Every day of the Biden administration that ideal seems more and more irretrievably lost given the actions of the Democratic Party and its media adjuncts.

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Yes, a police state - that’s exactly what it is.
Carried out under the “cover” of a lying media who continually accuse Trump and anyone who supports him of being the extremists, domestic terrorists, and coup plotters that the Leftists in power actually are.
They still refer to claims of election interference and fraud as “false claims”, as if the integrity of the election is a proven fact that only a lunatic would deny. In reality, they themselves are in denial of the most indisputable mountain of evidence for fraud and election interference ever presented!
And they’ll do it again in the next election, unless we’re too busy hiding in fallout shelters by that time to even have one.

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It cannot be denied anymore. America is disintegrating before our very eyes. The barbarians have seized control. Yes, there are pockets of resistance, as there were in fifth century Rome, but the end is clear.