America Is Dying Before Your Eyes

In addition to all the reasons why Donald Trump must be returned to the presidency, there is the need to have him pardon these innocent victims of the Democrats’ spite, sent to prison for years as a warning to the rest of us - to submit to their one-party tyrannical rule or else.

I quote Mark Steyn:

[Here are] the latest sentences on the January 6th “insurrectionists”. Dominic Pezzola broke a window at the Capitol and was given ten years; the government had asked for twenty. Joseph Biggs moved a crowd-control barrier and was sentenced to seventeen years; the government had wanted him banged up for thirty-three.
So the prosecutors and the judges seem to have reached a cozy understanding that, whatever sentence the former demand, the Court will be totally reasonable and cut in half.
The feds demanded thirty years for Zachary Rehl; the judge gave him fifteen. And this is after two-and-a-half years in gaol awaiting their “constitutional right” … to a speedy trial.
Oops, wait, I spoke too soon. The US Attorney wanted thirty-three years for Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, but this time the judge decided to up it to two-thirds of the feds’ demand: twenty-two years. For a guy who wasn’t in Washington on January 6th.
All this of course in an ugly and violent land where actual career criminals who like to beat up disabled women with their own canes have the run of the playground.
A decade for breaking a window is not the verdict of a “justice” system.
What about Florida gran’ma Connie Meggs? She spent twenty minutes wandering around inside “the People’s House” on J6, and, after two-and-a-half years under house arrest in the Sunshine State, has now been sentenced to fifteen months in gaol.
Unfortunately, those sentences are your future - in a land where political opposition is criminalized, and every organ of the state from the justice department to the revenue agency is weaponized against its perceived enemies.
It’s a sick, evil racket that’s now being applied to the government’s political opposition.
It would be different if there were still any such thing as equality before the law. When a mob stormed the Capitol, you’ll recall, Nancy Pelosi hailed it as an “impressive show of democracy in action”. But that was the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, and the mob was on her side. It’s different when it’s her window getting broken.
The Trump presidency was undone by Joe Biden’s signing pen about ten minutes after inauguration. But that wasn’t enough for the Uniparty. Like Oliver Cromwell, he has to be dug up and beheaded, over and over and over, and all his allies too - until you guys get the message.
America is dying before your eyes.

The article describes more symptoms of America’s fatal illness. Read it all here:

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Mark Steyn says in the article that there is no return to “normality”.

I agree. I fear that, even if Trump is re-elected president, there will be no going back to How It Used To Be. To that plenty and prosperity. To that equality under the law. To that freedom.

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It would take a major restructuring of everything.
But we’re so far gone into leftist dictatorship now, its a huge question whether we can even get back into power.
And if we do (if lightning strikes twice - not likely) how much of the time will, AGAIN, be spent battling bogus investigations, impeachments, and lawfare?
The left must be purged, root and branch - but will Republicans have the will to do it?

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