Amazing Courage of the Iranian People

… continuing to protest despite mass killing by the vicious theocratic government.

Protests in Iran entered a more violent phase on Sunday as students, who defied an ultimatum by the Revolutionary Guards [Corps] and a warning from the president, were met with tear gas and gunfire from security forces, social media videos showed. The confrontations at dozens of universities prompted the threat of a tougher crackdown in a seventh week of demonstrations sparked by the [beating to] death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after she was arrested by the morality police for attire deemed inappropriate. Iranians from all walks of life have taken to the streets since Amini’s death in protests that the clerical rulers said were endangering the Islamic Republic’s security. What began as outrage over Amini’s death on Sept. 16 has evolved into one of the toughest challenges to clerical rulers since the 1979 revolution, with some protesters calling for the death of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Does anyone know what happened to the oil workers’ ultimatum that the killing of protestors must stop or they would “destroy what they built”? I thought it would be decisive.

From the internet:
At least 233 protesters have been killed since demonstrations swept Iran on Sept. 17, according to U.S.-based rights monitor HRANA. The group said 32 among the dead were below the age of 18.


I don’t know what happened with the oil workers ultimatum. Maybe they have begun to realize that - once again - their protests aren’t going to get anywhere, except with more murders by the State.


If only they had revolted when Trump was in office. I mean, did they hope that the Biden administration would energize to help them?

I know that reads callous, and I guess that spontaneous rebellion can’t be timed very well, but don’t you think that America would have responded with support under Trump’s initiative? The Abraham Accords has withered, I suppose, but it once was strong and growing, and that would have been a good time for a revolution.

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The Abraham Accords are working very well.

Yes, Trump would have supported the protestors in Iran.

The protest arose because a beautiful young woman was beaten and tortured to death by the strictly religious Iranian “moral police”. The nation reacted immediately. To delay protest until Trump was re-elected was not, one may be sure, even considered.

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Edited Quote:
Iran’s 19-year old celebrity chef Mehrshad Shahidi, often referred to as “Jamie Oliver of Iran”, was battered to death by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards [Corps]. Shahidi was arrested on October 25 for taking part in anti-government protests [against the beating to death of Mahsa Amini for not wearing a hijab]. After his death and funeral on October 29, people marched in thousands to mark their grievances against the regime. An Iranian news agency quoted Shahidi’s parents as saying, “Our son lost his life as a result of receiving baton blows to his head after his arrest, but we have been under pressure by the regime to say that he died of a heart attack.”

Such a delightful religion, Islam. Why don’t we all join it?


Sickening. And we’re enabling these barbaric, evil tyrants to build nuclear weapons.

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