Affirmative Action Affirms Inequality

Archimedes - a member of this forum - wrote against affirmative action:

“What is required is not quotas but a fundamental change in the attitude of blacks toward academic achievement and a determination on their part to perform as well in the classroom as they do on the basketball court. But the policy of quotas and special placement seems to be precisely the kind of policy that will discourage such a shift in attitude and emphasis. It implicitly assumes that blacks cannot or will not do well enough to be admitted to colleges and graduate schools on their own merits; it awards blacks easy and unearned victories at the expense of a generation of whites that played no role in the previous subjugation of the black man; it discourages rather that stimulates a desire to excel on the part of blacks. And because it treats the symptoms instead of the causes of the problem, it cannot bring about fundamental change. To succeed in its goals, it can never be relaxed; it must be maintained forever. Is this what we really want?”

Fortunately it can no longer be openly maintained.

Read the whole article here:


Affirmative action is racist. End of story.


This is an interesting analysis of the impirical effect of affirmativve action. The fascinating one for me is Sri Lanka: Around the World in 80 Ways: Affirmative Action Around the World (Hi-Res) - YouTube

It is worth listening to - especially the points about the futility of social engineering.


Yes, excellent essay!

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ABSOLUTELY!!! Academic achievement has always been of the utmost importance to me. It’s disheartening when my community parades their distain for intelligence, describing literacy and mathematic ability as “being white”. Like, what? Being able to read is “trying to be white”? Think about how incredibly stupid that sounds. It’s so embarrassing.


Thank you for your apt comment, Infamiss. Always good to hear from you!


Yes, that’s like saying that “having money” is “being white”, so I’ll just stay poor - which is pretty much what remaining uneducated will result in.