A Woman is an Islamic Thing

In America, many find themselves at a loss when asked to say what a woman is. In Afghanistan they have no such difficulty. There Islam defines a woman thus: A woman is a mobile reproductive system that must be modestly covered up.

So, in Afghanistan:

They are walking vaginas – and, mirabile dictu, they can cook.

The Taliban don’t permit women to go outside their homes.

The Taliban have imposed a dress code that calls for women to show only their eyes.

There is a complete ban on girls’ education in schools and universities.

(Women cannot take paid jobs - except in the police apparently. Women police are used to arrest women who are incompletely or incorrectly covered.)

Read it all here:

Western feminists are not interested in what happens to women in Islam. Nor do they care that Islamic terrorists rape, mutilate, torture and kill “infidel” women. American feminists are chiefly concerned with becoming mayors, attorneys general, and presidents of ivy-league universities - or, better still, of the country.

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In which positions they can - and many do - abuse power, embezzle public funds, and encourage violent riots.

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Yes, proving what a farce the “feminist” movement is, and always has been. Just another phony “victim” group for Marxist propaganda.

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