A Muslim Charity Embezzles Money Raised for Muslim Children


Scores of prominent Islamic migrant figures, most with deep ties to the Democratic Party and including donors to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s reelection campaign, alongside a celebrated left-wing journalist, business owners, and government workers, stand accused of wire fraud, money laundering, bribery, and conspiracy to commit those crimes. They allegedly funneled millions of federal dollars, earmarked for feeding underprivileged children, into personal luxuries, ranging from lavish homes and high-end cars to even a beach resort in Kenya.

Among the 70 defendants, many attempted to flee their home countries, which are predominantly Islamic-controlled, as authorities closed in on them.


Item of interest from a Google search: “The largest group of Twin Cities Muslims is made up of immigrants from the East African nation of Somalia.”

The “needy” children thus defrauded by the massive Muslim conspiracy, are Muslim. Mostly Somalian.


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With Somalians, not much of a shocker. Also wouldnt be surprised if Ilhan Omar was involved.
What’s surprising is that anything was actually done about it!

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