A Lynch-Mob in Athens

Watch “rioters in Athens, Greece, trying to break in and surround a hotel where they heard Jews are staying. This is a lynch mob. Terrifying.”


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In the US:
“Pro-Palestine protesters just vandalized a memorial for WWI soldiers and burned an American Flag.
Are you paying attention yet?”


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The engineers of this chaos must be proud of themselves. They prepared for decades, orchestrating the Communist March through the Institutions, and at the same time, the invasion of the Third World into Europe, Canada and the U.S.
The two have now converged into exactly the kind of hideous monster you would expect.
And it’s just one weapon among many that the Communists controlling our governments are deploying to destroy all opposition to their power.

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This is vile, of course, but I’d like to see some other supporting evidence and details. Do you know of any other links?

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I put this into the Google search slot:

Mob in Athens trying to get at Jews in a hotel


Quite a long list of reports, text and video, comes up.

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Many thanks. I’ll look into it.