A Hero of Pearl Harbor

A hero to be remembered on this anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.

“When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Miller was doing laundry below decks on the USS West Virginia. When the alarm called the ship’s crew to battle stations, Miller headed a gun magazine amidships [sic]. A torpedo had damaged the magazine, so the physically strong Miller began carrying the wounded to safety. Among those he attended to was the ship’s commander, Capt. Mervyn Bennion, who was mortally wounded. Miller then manned a .50-calibre antiaircraft gun, for which he had no training, and continued firing on the enemy until he ran out of ammunition and received the order to abandon ship.
Admiral Chester Nimitz himself pinned the Navy Cross to the young man’s chest.”


Wow. A true hero.


And the really interesting thing about this patriotic hero is … he was Black. (And he was later killed when his ship was sunk as the result of a Japanese attack in the Gilbert Islands.) More about him here:[ Doris Miller - Wikipedia ] An aircraft carrier will be named after him.

I’m always impressed that American Blacks and Native Americans and Japanese Americans served so well a country that, to put it mildly, had not done them any favors…

I would not have blamed any Black or Native American for saying ‘Get lost!’ when white-dominated America asked them to risk their lives for it. But they didn’t. And the same goes for the young Japanese-Americans, whose valor in the 442nd Infantry Regiment made it the most decorated regiment in American history. [442nd Infantry Regiment (United States) - Wikipedia ]

Despite the way these people were treated, did they have some deep understanding of the potential of a liberal democracy to evolve into a society of genuine equality? Or did they see that, whatever faults America had, it was far and away superior to its enemies?

Whatever, we should honor them. What scum the Left are, for making heroes of career criminals like George Floyd, or murderers like Leonard Peltier, when there are such shining examples available!


I think that is it.