A Hero of Hell

Bruce Bawer writes in an essay on Edward Said:

It’s Hamas, not the IDF, that targets civilians. And whereas hospital staffs in Gaza have been shown to be heartless Hamas collaborators, Israeli hospitals consistently respond to Palestinian terror with compassionate medical care for sick and injured Palestinians.

Then there’s the fact that Palestinians are taught from infancy to hate Israelis beyond all reason – whereas October 7 would never have happened if so many Israelis living near Gaza hadn’t been brought up to think far better of their Palestinian neighbors than they turned out to deserve.

Of course, as the pro-Hamas protests in the streets of North American and European cities have shown us in recent months, millions of people in the West firmly reject all of the above facts. Many of them are Muslims. Others are non-Muslims who attended schools and colleges where the postcolonial pap dreamed up by Edward Said is absolute, unquestioned orthodoxy. Islam is, in point of fact, a totalitarian, triumphalist ideology of bloodthirsty conquest; but Said managed to convince a large swath of the English-speaking world that it is, on the contrary, a peaceful faith whose adherents are innocent victims of irrational prejudice.

The deeply unfortunate fact is that while Said is no longer with us, the intellectual snake pit that he constructed out of wholesale slander and evasion is, thanks to countless ideologically twisted professors, a more powerful – and inimical – force than ever.

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His intention was to “demonize the West”, at which he succeeded, along with the rest of his leftist colleagues who took over academia.
One thing he got right (though not in the way he meant) was to say that terrorist acts must be placed in the context of “other dysfunctional symptoms and maladies of the contemporary world.”
The West actually is to blame for terrorism due to it’s mistake of tolerating the “dysfunctional malady” of the Marxism Said espoused, which introduced - among a thousand other lies - the lie that the West must pay for it’s sin of “colonialism” by embracing “multiculturalism” and opening it’s gates to an overwhelming flood of “peaceful” Islamic supremacists and terrorists.
If we’d kept them out to begin with, terrorism would never have been one of our problems.

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