A Choice Between Two Evils

Would you like to see Biden, who obviously cannot fulfill the duties of the presidency due to his increasing senile dementia, resign, considering that the US would then have Kamala Harris as president?

To put it another way, do you think Kamala Harris would be an even worse president than Joe Biden?

If ever there was a terrible choice to be made between two evils, this would be it!


It’s hard to say which one of them would be worse, they’re both so bad! I think Kamala would pretty much implode into a pile of giggling gibberish under the pressure.
But either way, it’s apparently people behind the scenes running things, so probably not much would change. Whatever’s next on the globalist agenda would still be rolled out right on schedule.


I agree Liz. Somebody else is pulling the strings. Either one is a puppet. Our only hope is to win the House in ‘22 and have a new speaker who will at least be 3rd in line.