A Bright Wish in a Dark Time

I wish fellow members, commenters, regular viewers, and any visitors who may be looking in on us -

                                Happy New Year

Happy New year! May it’s election not be stolen.

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A particularly heartfelt Happy New Year to you, Liz, our brilliant and absolutely indispensable Contributing Commenter!

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Thank you, Jillian! Your contribution of TAC is a greatly indespensable part of every year for me!

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And all the best to you too, Jillian. You are the leading light in this darkness.


Thank you, Cogito! That is a huge compliment!

I could be, would be, nothing at all without you wonderful readers and commenters.

It is I who owe the gratitude.

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It is indeed a dark time. But we can be thankful that despite the temptation to believe that some supernatural power will intervene to save us, or that whatever happens, it’s God’s will – most people, even the religious, don’t sit passively by and await whatever fate has in store for them.

All over the world, we see people fightng back against the elites which have brought about our present condition. Not always totally wisely, certainly not always with immediate success … . but this has always been true. Our species has dragged itself up from far worse conditions than we face today.

So I don’t wish you all a ‘Happy New Year’ in some passive sense, appealing to some sort of supernatural outside power to be merciful to us. Our fate is in our own hands. We have to MAKE it a Happy – or happier – New Year. In 2024, in the US, we all know what we must be focussed on for the next ten months.

We can change things. We can drive the elite back. (And it’s far easier for Americans to undertake action than for their liberty-loving counterparts in Russia or China to do so.) We have no excuse for passivity.

Human society may look static. But in the well-worn words of a great scientist, “And yet, it moves.”


Thank you, Doug1943. Good to hear from you again.

May we appoint you our official activist?

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Hi … I’ve been snowed under with political work, and little time for pleasure (arguing/discussing with other conservatives). I’ve been working on a document dealing with the necessity for our side to organize at the local level, in to ‘Community Defense Teams’ (or ‘Neighborhood Support Groups’) … call them anything but ‘militias’. It’s mainly a ‘how to’ document; how to write a press release, how to be interviewed by jounalists, how to write a convincing letter to the editor, how to organize a public meeting, how to attend (as a group) a demonstration, how to keep people coming back to your meetings, how to structure your group … a lot of derives from the way the military does things (incuding my own brief, involuntary membershp thereof), and more from my experience – long, long ago – as a Hard Left activist. (The Left has a lot more experience in this sort of thing than our side does.)

Above all, it’s written with the strong possibility in mind that things we have taken for granted all our lives about how things work in America – ie in a free society – are about to change, maybe dramatically.

I would especially appreciate your comments, Jill, as a successful author.

Soon I’ll post my draft chapters and ask for harsh, unremitting criticism of them, of both style and content. I am confident people here can supply that.

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Sure can.

Always good to hear from you, Doug - our side’s community organizer.

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So much to do! Our side needs more than one ‘commuity organizer’. We need about ten thousand.
Everyone here should think of themelves as organizers of one sort or another,.

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Awaiting your document.

Please post it as a New Topic.

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