2000 Mules

I watched the film 2000 Mules. While the discussion from the investigators about tracking phone GPS was the most worthwhile part of the film, I am not sure why they stopped there and did not expose the massive left wing network behind voter engagement and election services in the US. They kept saying “nonprofits”… Which nonprofits?

Instead they filled the film with trivial conversation between people like Charlie Kirk and Dennis Prager, like it was a back slapping film for conservatives with egos.

I have done extensive research into the left wing network operating under the guise of “nonpartisan nonprofit.” This film dropped the ball in making a punch. If anything, I guess it can be given credit for being something that made more effort than usual to actually expose election fraud.


Dinesh D’Souza is a phony. This is a money making effort, nothing really to do with exposing the truth about cheating in that election. He has done this before, it’s his MO in making money off the gullible.

I’m so glad you told me this about “2000 Mules”.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but I will watch it.


I saw part of it. It does seem that they found a smoking gun, but yes, I wish it had gone into more detail. If it can be used as real evidence against the perpetraters, it will be worth all the work Englebrecht and the others did.


I haven’t seen it, but this author clearly thinks it’s very significant:

“Caught on camera – how Trump was robbed of the 2020 election”


Of course the Dems are pretending to debunk it and/or ignore it, but it’s solid evidence of their cheating weasel ways.