Communist China Continuing Buying up the Western Hemisphere

“The motivation for Jamaica moving away from the British monarchy may have something to do with the fact that Jamaica, like many Third World nations, has recently been cosying up to Beijing.”

“In 2019, Jamaica joined China’s Belt and Road initiative, which establishes trade routes between China and almost 70 other nations, with China fronting bills to improve nations’ infrastructure with the goal of increasing the communist regime’s soft power across the world.”

“Belt and Road is somewhat of a poisoned chalice, however, as developing nations like Jamaica are left in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of debt to Beijing in what some have branded “debt-trap diplomacy”.”

“Likewise, China has built essential services in Jamaica, including a children’s hospital in Montego Bay, which are presented as gifts, but in reality such “gifts” come with strings attached, some invisible — such as an expectation that beneficiaries support Chinese foreign policy in international organisations like the United Nations.”

“This was seen in 2020 when 54 nations backed China’s likely illegal Hong Kong crackdown, many of them — including Caribbean nations such as Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, and Cuba — being part of Belt and Road.”


“Debt trap diplomacy” - yes, thats exactly what they’ve done with the U.S. already.
Poor countries at least have the excuse of being poor. The U.S. has no excuse at all - it was just irresponsible and stupid.


Jamaica is folllowing the lead of Barbados. There is no reason for these nations not to follow China. China offers investment, prosperity, a future, what do the laissez-faire BS merchants of England offer?
If the US doesn’t wake up, and soon, it will find itself isolated and friendless (except for worthless poodles like UK & EU).
Dr. Tim Morgan has a wonderful blog, where he explores the difference between the “financial” economy, that the US and Britain have, and the manufacturing & services economy that China has. What he predicts is very sobering;

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